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Esther Inman’s 90 Day VA Review: Start Working Online Today!


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The Virtual Assistant training course created by Esther Inman is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to start a virtual assistant business. And the big claim to fame in the online course world is that you can become a money-making VA in less than 90 days! Wondering if it’s legit? This 90 day review will go over exactly what you get from this training course and how it can help you build your own VA business.

Who is Esther Inman?

Esther is a legit businesswoman who worked as a Virtual Assistant when everything went sour in her life and she decided to escape the stress of military-wife life.

As a degree-holding former teacher with years of software product management experience, she had enough of her husband’s military career leaving her alone for months with their young son. I’m sure all military wives can understand.

Esther and her son relocated to the exotic island of Bali, but she quickly realized that a life of luxury doesn’t come cheap. That’s when she taught herself how to work remotely as a Virtual Assistant. Becoming a Virtual Assistant gave her the flex time that was necessary for relocations to various duty stations.

Thankfully, Esther’s personal story has a happy ending. Her family is back together, stateside. And she has found her life’s calling! She now helps other military wives, moms, and travel lovers out of the standard 9-5 grind.

With her Virtual Assistant Training Course, 90 Day VA, she helps women create flexibility and financial stability.

Watch Esther’s Free Webinar

The best way to get a “taste” of Esther’s teaching style is to watch her free webinar. Even if you don’t sign up for the 90 Day VA program, you’ll learn plenty of tips and tricks for launching your business.

What’s included in the 90 Day VA Course?

Esther’s Virtual Assistant expertise allowed her to put together a comprehensive program.

Lifetime, 24/7 access to the skills training online course that covers the most in-demand online skills for VAs. The modules are video-based and taught by Esther. Students learn in-demand skills that they can offer to business clients. The modules build on each other and empower you to launch your B2B Virtual Assistant business.

Here is a list of the 11 Virtual Assistant training modules 90 Day VA offers:   

  • How To Work Online For Others Effectively (Modules 1 & 2)
  • Content Repurposing & Content Marketing
  • Blogging and Copywriting
  • Social Media Management
  • Podcast Management
  • Video Editing & Management
  • Lite Email Marketing
  • Web Management for VAs
  • Manage Client Projects + CRM Like a Boss
  • PR Management for VAs

You will also get access to the VAI Members Club which includes:

  • Monthly Calls, like 2 Q&A calls hosted by VAI team members
  • Exclusive Online Job Postings (50+ each month!)
  • Peer-Reviewed Homework
  • Weekly Emails with motivation, jobs, and resources
  • Monthly Bonus Trainings with Industry Experts
  • Members Club Vault Access with over 30 classes, guides, workbooks, and templates!
  • Quarterly Unapologetically Ambitious Blueprint

As a bonus, Esther has thrown in the VA Starter Pack that includes everything a VA needs to launch including contract templates, portfolio and media kit samples and templates, getting hired tips, etc.

What sets 90 Day VA apart from other Virtual Assistant Training Courses?

Student’s in the course learn multiple trades/skills. The students that get the most from the course complete a homework assignment at the end of each module. These homework assignments are then used to assemble a portfolio that can be used when pitching services to potential clients.

Why This Is One Of The Best Virtual Assistant Courses

After completing a trade school program, you can get a job directly related to the field you studied in your program. For example, once you complete a dental hygenist training program, you can get a job as a dental hygienist. The program is designed to prepare you for a job in a specific field.

Esther’s program is similar. This means that you will learn practical skills that will help you realize if what you enjoy doing falls under Podcast Management, Copwriting, Social Media Management, etc.  Each module’s homework will help you apply what you have learned and solidify the skills you have.

Think of 90 Day VA as a trade school. Having concrete skills is always better than theory when it comes to getting a job. Theory can give you an understanding of the subject matter, but without practice and hands-on experience, it’s hard to be confident in your abilities and get hired. That’s why trade school is often the best option for those looking to hone their skills and gain practical knowledge in a particular field.

Trade schools offer students the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals who provide guidance on how to apply theory into real-world scenarios. The structure of 90 Day VA allows you to finish the course with experience, examples, and testimonials.

With these benefits, 90 Day VA has truly become one of the best virtual assistant training courses for any aspiring online entrepreneur.

Watch Esther’s Free Webinar

The best way to get a “taste” of Esther’s teaching style is to watch her free webinar. Even if you don’t sign up for the 90 Day VA program, you’ll learn plenty of tips and tricks for launching your business.

Can you really finish the 90 Day VA Program in 90 Days?

Now, let’s address Esther’s claim you’ll be done within 90 Days. This really depends on your lifestyle. You will have to consider your current responsibility to a full-time job, family, home, church, extracurricular activities, etc. 

I believe that if you are young, living at home, and don’t have the responsibilities of a full-time job and/or homeschooling kids, you’d easily meet the 90-day mark! Easy-peasy.

However, if you have a family and aren’t Wonder Woman, you’ll have a smaller window of time each week to complete the coursework. This is still doable but will require using your time wisely. Be prepared to eat takeout for dinner, get your husband to help with the laundry, and burn the midnight oil.

But honestly – why should you strive for 90 days? When you’re building a home business isn’t the goal to achieve all the balance with none of the burnout?

Be prepared to stay focused, but also show yourself some grace. 90 days is three months. What if it takes you four months to complete the course? Is that really a problem?

What services should a Virtual Assistant offer? How Esther Inman handles the million-dollar question

The course teaches so many skills that if you’re unsure where to get started or what services you want to offer clients, you will have the opportunity to explore and hone in on what lights you up.  Your opportunities are endless. 

Learn everything you can and then strive to offer services that bring you joy.

At the end of each module, your homework is critiqued in a private Facebook group included with the course tuition. With the Facebook group, you’ll find friends who feel at home. (You’ll also find Esther’s coaching team always available to call you out on your BS and not let your silly excuses or self-doubt hold you back!)

Esther also offers the choice to have an on-staff mentor give you a private and professional review of your homework however, this is an additional charge.  

90 Day VA Course Bonus & Extras

Along with the extensive course content, you gain access to the VAI Facebook group. This offers accountability, motivation, and connection with other students going through the program.

One major perk of the Facebook group is that they generally share 60+ job postings each month. These job postings are exclusive to the group members. And that’s why so many of the 90 Day VA students are able to find their first 2 or 3 clients as soon as they launch their business.

Other bonuses to 90 Day VA are lifetime access to the course modules plus any updated material! You will also have access to Member’s Only Job Posts in the group, monthly member group calls, business templates, and a pricing calculator to help you determine your ideal hourly rate.

The VA Starter Pack includes the following helpful information:

  • How to Best Work Online With Business Owners From Start to Finish!
  • Using the Pack With Business Owners
  • Networking Like a Pro Online & IRL
  • Application Kit + Remote Resume
  • Preparing Your Instagram To Get Clients
  • Using Instagram Stories to Find Clients
  • From Consultation to Paid Gig!
  • How to Price Your Services
  • How to Get Paid Virtually
  • Taxes & Health Insurance for Virtual Workers

Cons of 90 day VA: Moderate Return Policy

No course creator likes negative feedback or refunds, but kudos to Esther. She’s a smart cookie, and she knows it’s part of the course creator’s world.

At the time of updating this blog post, Esther has a moderate return policy that forces students to take responsibility for their commitment and success.

Students must be serious. To qualify for a full refund, students must email the customer service team within 14 days and include the following in their email to show that they gave it a try:

  • Your homework assignments for the first 2 modules – you can simply attach them to the email or send screenshots of you sharing them in the Facebook Group
  • Confirmation of which weekly call you attended so the 90 Day VA team can verify (or you can submit a screenshot of you on the call)
  • If timing prevents you from attending a call within the 14 day period, you can watch a recorded call posted in the Units tab and submit 3 takeaways from the call

Is 90 Day VA Legit?

90 Day VA is totally legit. If you think you’re ready to invest in your VA career, consider Esther’s 90 VA Course. She has trained over 4,000 students and is passionate about helping as many other moms as possible learn how to work from home.

Was this honest 90 day VA review helpful?

I’m so glad you’ve found our review of the 90 Day VA program! This is a perfect opportunity to learn new skills and transition into the virtual work world. With this program, you can confidently showcase your skills with a solid portfolio. Plus, you’ll gain internship opportunities to practice your new skills in a safe environment.

Of course, I can say that this is an honest review, but what would that mean for you?  I’ve spent thousands of dollars on online courses.  Whenever evaluating a course, I recommend taking the free class before deciding to commit. Sometimes you even have to take the free class two or three times. The more you expose yourself to the content and teaching style, the more you can confirm that this course is right for you.  It’s just like “real life” – some students in school absolutely love a course and the teacher.  Other students think it’s just ok.  The free class is the best way to determine if this course is worth investing in.

Based on my experience and evaluation of the free class, I can confidently say that the course is top-notch and worth the investment. Esther is knowledgeable, engaging, and provides practical and actionable advice. The course materials are well-organized and easy to follow. Plus, the community aspect of the course offers a supportive environment to learn and grow.

Free Virtual Assistant Class

Esther offers free online training, so why not take that first? If it’s the right fit for you, I urge you to consider investing in your future by joining 90 Day VA today.

Blessings to you in your journey to becoming a va! I hope this blog post has helped you make a more informed decision on whether or not to enroll.

Watch Esther’s Free Webinar

The best way to get a “taste” of Esther’s teaching style is to watch her free webinar. Even if you don’t sign up for the 90 Day VA program, you’ll learn plenty of tips and tricks for launching your business.

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