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When you’re running a service business, it can be really easy to get stuck creating the perfect packages. Client support can come in many different formats and styles. But one client service stands out from the rest for being the most valuable: VIP days.

As a small business owner, creating the perfect packages and prices is a challenge. You want to deliver value, and depending on your services, client support can come in many different formats and styles: email only, phone and email, templates, tutorials, and any combination that suits your style and your client’s needs.

A VIP (very important person) day is just you and your client, fully focused on the client’s needs. VIP days require a large chunk of time, so the investment on your client’s part is not insignificant. Frequently there is some prep work and planning involved, and your charges can easily reach $500 – $1500 for the day. It depends what your offering and your level of expertise.

While it may seem obvious, the single most important aspect of your VIP day is access to you. That means your client must have your undivided attention for the duration of her day.

How you structure the time is up to you – it can begin with breakfast and end with dinner, but it can also run shorter, as long as you clearly set the time expectation in advance.

But for the time you’ve promised, your entire focus must be on your client. You should not be taking other phone calls, answering emails, or checking Facebook on your cell phone. This is your client’s day, it’s no longer your day.

Typically, VIP Days begin with an application. This helps your potential client clarify what she hopes to gain from the experience, and it helps you know what she expects to have completed. The last thing you want is to book a VIP day, only to find out that your client doesn’t yet have the prerequisites (e.g. a website, email list, product, or other necessities) in place to move forward.  

As the service provider, it’s your job to create some kind of framework ahead of time. Otherwise, you may end up in Zoom chat, virtually sitting across from one another, wondering what to do next. And your client won’t be a happy camper.

From the information given in the application, or questionnaire, you can map out a plan of action. The details are completely up to you and your client. 

Ideas for your client VIP days

If you are a new service provider, here are some ideas to help set up client VIP days:

  • Solidifying branding, update brand boards, Facebook covers, Pinterest templates, etc.
  • Identifying (narrowing) down your client’s avatar and then edit her email welcome sequence to speak to this updated avatar
  • Reworking sales copy on her email opt-ins and tripwires
  • Creating new lead magnets and update popular posts to optimize email sign-ups
  • Brainstorm new service packages and then update your client’s website
  • Creating a quarterly marketing plan for social media
  • Build out a quarterly email newsletter
  • Build out a content marketing calendar so that your client can update her blog posts

Depending on what systems are already in place, you can easily spend the day in just one of these areas, so be sure to find out from your client what she feels is the most important piece.

It’s generally a good idea to follow-up in the 4 to 6 weeks after the VIP day. Touching base with a 25-minute phone call after four weeks or so will help your client stay motivated, and also keep her accountable for continued action.

VIP days are typically the biggest and most profitable package you’ll offer. They can command at least $500 to $700 for a single day of work.

VIP days are also great when a potential client is sitting on the fence about signing your ongoing monthly retainer. You can get started with 1 or 2 VIP days which will give your lead an idea of what it’s like to have you on their team.

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VIP days can be a quick cash injection for your business or a standard line of revenue each month.  Do them well, and you might be well on your way to having a 6-figure year!  

How about sharing this post with a friend?

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