Raelyn Tan’s Happy Subscriber Toolkit: Email Marketing Swipe File Review


Don’t you just love the day when it’s time to sit down and churn out another email to your list? Yeah, me neither.

Let’s be honest — when you have deadlines to meet and are quietly suffering sleep-deprivation, the last thing you want to do is write a “nurturing” email while your kiddos nap.

And why is everyone saying that you can “batch write” your engaging + nurturing emails in just a few minutes each month? It’s not true! At least not for me!

If you share the same sentiment, you are going to love Raelyn Tan’s gold mine of a toolkit — “Happy Subscribers.”

If you run a small business, either as a service provider or blogger then this is seriously your dream come true!

Read on to learn exactly what’s included in the toolkit and why this is the best email marketing swipe file.

What’s included in the Happy Subscriber Toolkit

Raelyn’s toolkit is thorough, giving you everything from a welcome sequence, sales sequence, and two years of standard broadcast (newsletter) emails.

Here’s a breakdown of everything included:

  • Suggested 24-Month Weekly Email Broadcast Plan
  • The 104 Ideas In 1 Nifty List!
  • Additional Blank Planning Sheets
  • 104 Broadcast Email Templates
  • 5 Welcome Sequence Email Templates
  • 15 Essential Sales Email Templates
  • 250 High-Converting Subject Lines
  • 50 Power Words That Trigger Emotion
  • Cheat Sheet: How to Get Personal & Build Strong Relationships Via Email
  • Cheat Sheet: Tiny List To-Dos

If you’re just starting out and only have a small list of subscribers, the Tiny List To-Dos are fantastic! The“cheat sheet” offers effective, actionable tips to make the most out of a small list. 

Get your copy of the toolkit and then you’ll easily understand how much of a steal this package is for only $37!

Email Sequence Swipe Files

Raelyn understands the importance of an email sequence. She includes a sequence of 5 emails that you can easily cut + paste into your Email Service Provider. Here’s the note that Raelyn includes:

What goes into a good welcome email? Do you just write about anything
random and call it a day… your welcome email is extremely important for your business because it is the first email that all your subscribers will receive… I’ve landed on a sweet spot that works for me:

• A great welcome email will adequately introduce who you are and what you do.
Engage new subscribers and get them used to interacting with you.
• It should get them to see you as an expert.
Enable you to give massive value to your new subscribers.
• Prime your new subscribers to want to read any future emails from you.

Want to start a Freelance Writing Business?

If you’re a Virtual Assistant or Freelance Writer, then you have a need for speed. Writing copy for email is it’s own niche and one that’s growing as more and more people are exploring paid newsletters. This can be a lucrative niche as long as you can churn out copy quickly.

(FYI – We’ve got a helpful post that will teach you how to start a freelance writing business.)

Affiliate Marketing Email Templates

We all know that the best affiliate programs will likely have branding assets, including social descriptions and email sequences but unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Thankfully, Raelyn takes all the guesswork out of sales and email marketing by giving you 15 fully customizable emails with explanations on how to use each one. 

The sales email templates can easily be adapted to promote affiliate sales. This is especially perfect for new business owners + bloggers that haven’t created their own product yet!

A few of the sales emails include The Last Call Email (Price Increasing), The 4 Common Objections Crusher Email, and The Flash Sale Sequence.

Convertkit Weekly Email Templates

I’m a fan of Convertkit. I love that for up to 1000 subscribers the FREE plan includes

  • 30+ landing page templates
  • Unlimited Email broadcasts
  • Subscriber tagging

But, what good is Convertkit (or any email system) if you don’t have a marketing strategy?

Think about it: you sign up for an email marketing system but then you don’t do anything about the basics:

  • How often do you email your list right now? (Has this increased or decreased over time?)
  • How often would you like to be emailing your list in the future?
  • When you email your list – what sort of emails do you send them? (roundups, blog posts, only when selling/launching, etc)
  • Is your list-making you any money? If so, how?

No more guessing games, friend! What could you accomplish with two years’ worth of done-for-you emails that you can cut and paste into your Converkit Broadcast emails?


Happy Subscriber Toolkit – An Amazing Deal

From crafting eye-grabbing subject lines to writing email copy that actually sells–nurturing your mailing list is almost a full-time job in itself.

Maybe it’s just one email a week, but the work that goes into powerful copy is not something you can afford to rush through.

And if copywritng isn’t your thing, all those hours you spend on your newsletter are probably not getting you the results you hoped for anyway. 

The 104 Weekly Plug-and-Play Templates included in the Happy Subscriber Toolkit will help you be as productive as possible. Exaggerations aside, that is exactly why Raelyn’s toolkit is an amazing deal.

I could see someone selling this for $57…maybe even $79. And then, of course, they reduce it to $37 for a “flash sale”    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But Raelyn is so sweet and helpful that she holds the price steady at $37.

Imagine what your investment of $37 could mean…

  • No more wasting time wondering what to write
  • Less stress and anxiety feeling like you can’t get everything done
  • New ways to make more sales from your list

Ready to give the toolkit a try? Head over to Raelyn’s page here, and make sure to drop me a comment afterward to let me know what you think!

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