How To Find Clients For Your Virtual Assistant Business


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After making the decision to actually launch your service-based business, you’ve probably been wondering “How Do Virtual Assistants Find Clients?” Well, in this blog post, we’re going to focus on finding dream clients for your Virtual Assistant business.

How Do Virtual Assistants Find Clients?

Virtual Assistants find clients by networking! Even if you don’t know a thing about marketing plans, you can network! Networking is simple. It’s just a matter of finding the right opportunities to talk about (a/k/a promote) the awesome time-saving, sanity-saving services you offer!

How to promote your Virtual Assistant business

Here are 3 ways to promote your Virtual Assistant business:

1) Facebook is a great platform for finding Virtual Assistant jobs. Groups will give you plenty of opportunities to connect and build relationships with other entrepreneurs.

2) Create a LinkedIn profile, join groups and write a weekly article. This is a slow and steady way to provide value and build authority. It won’t be long before you’re seen as the go-to person and start booking Discovery Call.

3) Your local Chamber of Commerce is the perfect setting to meet local small business owners. These small business owners would benefit from your services. Go to the monthly meetings and hand out business cards. And as a plus, you probably won’t have other VA’s competing for attention. (An alternative to your local Chamber of Commerce is to find an event on Meetup.com)

Schedule Discovery Calls

Turning a lead into a client will start with the “discovery call”. Abbey Ashley of the Virtual Savvy defines a discovery call as:

A short phone or video conversation in which we focus on your goal and where you find
where a potential client might be stuck or want support. This is a conversation about a
potential client’s goals and if the prospect is a good fit or interested in your services

Abbey Ashley

If you’ve launched your business and haven’t held a discovery call, no worries! Keep reading, and you’ll have a plan for handling these calls when you do have one scheduled.

Let’s find clients for your Virtual Assistant Business!

To become a fully booked service provider, you need to turn your “lead” into a paying client. Here are 3 tips you can follow to get your potential client to say, “Heck, yes! Let’s work together.”

Tip #1: Find clients by attracting the right people

Before you get to the stage where you have to convince someone to say yes, let’s go over your process to ensure you are attracting the right people. 

Ask yourself if your website, Facebook page, or LinkedIn profile attracts your ideal client.

Make sure that your landing page or home page states your main niche or service clearly, then quickly clarifies:

  • Who your services are for
  • How your services transform your clients business
  • Who your services are NOT for

The whole key here lies in being specific. The more specific you are, the more you will attract the right leads and repel the wrong ones.

Does your website actively repel those who can’t afford you, don’t have the right temperament, interests, or needs for your services?  If not, tighten up your copy. Cut out vague words and generalizations.

Don’t be afraid to use words that you might consider “negative.” Just as you state precisely who can be helped and how you can help, it’s ok to spell out who should not contact you.

(Suggestion: If you have just launched your business you don’t absolutely need a website. Your business can easily launch with a Facebook business page and LinkedIn profile.)

But that’s just the beginning – on top of attracting the right leads, you need to make sure that you are ready to talk up the transformation.

Tip #2: Find clients for your Virtual Assistant Business by talking up the transformation

A discovery call must be structured. This is not a “pick your brain” session with 20 – 30 minutes of small talk that drain your energy before you even try to dive into closing the sale. You have a LOT to go over, and this is work time, so treat it as such and be prepared.

If you genuinely want to become a fully booked service provider, then prepare for every discovery call by identifying what immediate or nearly immediate achievement you can safely promise. This is what will excite your lead and have them wanting to sign the contract today.

Abbey Ashley teaches her Savvy System Students to start the discovery call by stating the most significant transformation you can bring to the client:

  • How their business/life will change for the better because of your services
  • What business plateau they can break free from
  • How much time they will save

With more prominent clients, in particular, stress time-saving and simplification. These are the clients who will often respond well to accelerated services or simplified, focused processes to achieve one single specific outcome.

For example, how would your lead FEEL to have a huge, overwhelming task (their biggest obstacle or worry) done (complete) in the next three months?  Or what would their life look like if they had ten hours of your help every week for the next 3 months? 

Let’s be honest. Some people can barely visualize what their life will look like next week, let alone next month. Talking up the transformation will usually have them saying, “You had me at hello.” 

Tip #3: Find clients for your Virtual Assistant Business by overcoming common sales objections

Often, you will get objections. That’s just how it goes. But what’s essential to realize is that people who object and respond with negatives sometimes become your best clients.  Do you have a ready, steady answer for the two most common objections:

How To Respond When Leads Say “You’re too expensive.”

One of the most devastating ways they are sometimes likely to do this is to say bluntly, “you’re too expensive.”  The first thing to do before you pivot into a defense position is to realize that you never, ever have to justify your pricing. You are a small business owner and you are free to move on.

But, if you have determined that this lead is your ideal client, you should ask yourself just one question:

“If this lead were to hire me, will my services give him/her the potential to start increasing income as a result?”

If your answer is “yes,” then consider making it easier for your lead to move forward.  Two ways to do this are:

  • “Paid in full” upfront pricing with a reduced rate – this is an excellent strategy because everyone loves a deal
  • A payment plan – who doesn’t love a practical “win-win” solution? Your client gets the help she needs, and you get the sale

You could also gently remind your lead that hiring a service provider does cost money and that it’s not a good idea to cut corners. If you pay as little as possible, it’s only natural that you’ll get what you pay for.

At this point, I recommend suggesting a VIP day. (Don’t know what a VIP day is? I’ve got a post about client VIP Days that will give you all the details).

Yes, a VIP day is expensive but it will provide your lead with an immediate quick win. They will get a feeling of what it’s like to work with you and get something that’s been on their to-do list finally done.

Ultimately, your rates are your rates. Be smart and don’t get caught on the spot.  Anticipate the money objection upfront, and decide in advance how you want to respond, and how far you’ll go to provide alternatives—if you provide any at all.

How To Respond When Leads say, “I’m waiting for…”

Houston, we have a problem.  “I’m waiting for…” can be can one of the most frustrating objections!  Before you label your potential client a perennial fence-sitter, ask yourself if you really know who you are talking to:

  • A solopreneur who is the single decision-maker on everything?
  • An established business owner who wants to be well-positioned for a profitable year?
  • The business manager of a larger company that is empowered to make outsourcing decisions?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then you probably need to switch gears and help your lead take the leap out of their comfort zone. It’s time to put your psychiatrist hat on.

Most people have high aspirations.  And most people are afraid of making a mistake.  And this combination is why sooo many people have goals that don’t turn into a reality. So, they stay stuck in their comfort zone and do nothing. 

The comfort zone could be keeping your lead in “someday” mode…that imaginary day when they will have more money and time. 

Here are some thought-provoking questions to keep the conversation flowing and help you get to the root of the problem:

  • In what areas is your business struggling?
  • Are there any tasks you could delegate to be more productive?
  • Is your business experiencing growing pains where a service-provider like me might help?
  • Have you ever hired outside help before? If so, what worked well and what didn’t?
One more thought about the “I’m waiting for…” objection:

Does the person you’re talking with understand the difference between a discovery call and a free consultation?  Do you? 

A discovery call is a 15 to 20-minute call for you to sell your services.  If your calls are a 30-minute free consultation, then the person you’re talking with may not have realized you were expecting a “buying” decision.  They could feel put on the spot.

Another helpful tip I’ve learned from Abbey at The Virtual Savvy is to offer a low-cost mini service for a reasonable flat fee. Once the service is completed, you then point out the benefits of following through on what you’ve begun.   At that point, a potential client might see the light and commit to working with you.

(Interesting in learning more about The Virtual Savvy’s training course? Check out my review of the Savvy System here)

Remember: Never doubt yourself or allow yourself to feel pushy by leading your potential client past the barriers they are throwing up for themselves.  When you help your clients overcome their objections and take the next step, you’re doing them (and their business) a huge favor! 

Can’t Find Clients For Your Virtual Assistant Business?

Never give up, never surrender. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t get to “yes.”  Hearing “no” today is a disappointment, but that doesn’t mean it will be a “no” forever.  Keep fostering the relationship with a follow-up email sequence and be ready when the lead changes their mind. 

And never be afraid to ask if they know of anyone in their circle who could use your service. This type of mutual friend introduction is much more welcoming than you randomly trying to find another lead.

Many times, intuition will be your best guide in dealing with leads.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it, the more discovery calls you have, the more comfortable you will get with them—and the better results you’ll achieve. 

Want to increase your chances of closing the sale? I’ve got 12 tips guaranteed to help you sell your services with ease. Check it out and it won’t be long before you become a fully booked service provider.

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