How To Make Your Blog Look Professional With Simplifying DIY Design


So you launched a home business and now you’re finalizing your website. But rather than making real progress, you find yourself wasting precious time trying to DIY your Canva graphics.

Who knew this new biz adventure of yours would mean turning into a writer, graphic designer, WordPress techie, and social media wizard overnight?

Well, today I’m going to help you out by spilling the beans on an amazing toolkit that’s going to take the headache out of creating web graphics, so you can cross at least one of those extra jobs off your list.

It’s called The Complete Bloggers Template Toolkit by Kara Fidd at Simplifying DIY Design.  It will make your website and blog look super professional.

Who is Kara Fidd?

Before I get to the review, I think it would be criminal to not step back and point out Kara’s credentials. She has a certification in graphic design and blogs over at Simplifying DIY Design

But, right now Kara is really known for being the rising star among new online business owners. Kara worked hard and experienced explosive growth within 8 months of launching her blog and business. She was one of the few EBA students that was featured in the latest edition of Ruth Soukup’s book How To Blog For Profit Without Selling Your Soul!

Your time is valuable. If you want to expand your skillset and leapfrog ahead of the DIY pack, check out these blog posts on Kara’s website:




Make Your Blog Look Professional With The Complete Bloggers Template Toolkit

The Complete Bloggers Template Toolkit is a graphic design dream. It’s an all-inclusive bundle of ready-made, fully customizable graphic templates for just about any need you might have. It includes templates for blog posts, about pages, website categories, social media accounts, opt-ins, e-newsletters, and everything in between.

The toolkit has a whopping 459 pages worth of templates (try counting that for yourself!) The best part? You don’t have to download a single file to your computer. Each category of templates has a link that allows you to upload the entire set of images right into your Canva account. 

The templates are divided into 5 categories and are easy to find:

  1. The Blog Templates (logo, brand board, about page, opt-ins, etc), 
  2. Social Media Templates (facebook headers, Pinterest board covers, etc, 
  3. Video + Podcasting (Youtube art, podcast thumbnails, etc) 
  4. List Building & Monetization graphics for mock-ups, media kits, and digital products, and then there are the lovely bonuses! 
  5. Bonuses! (Kara includes a strategy guide, workbook to build your funnel and optimization checklist!)

The Complete Bloggers Template Toolkit includes Everything you’ll need for your home business – Over 45o templates!

  • 8 Logo Templates
  • A brand board template
  • 7 About me templates
  • 7 Popular posts templates
  • 21 Opt-in promo graphics
  • 5 Product or affiliate recommendation tiles
  • 8 Blog category graphics
  • 10 Pinterest Board Covers
  • 6 Facebook live promo graphics
  • 30 Horizontal blog post images
  • 30 Pinterest blog post images
  • 10 Gift Guide Pins
  • 9 Twitter blog post images
  • 30 Facebook/Instagram blog post images
  • 10 Instagram Story Templates
  • 9 Facebook ad/Instagram promo
  • 6 Facebook page headers
  • 8 Facebook group headers
  • 6 Twitter covers
  • 6 Linkedin covers
  • 6 Youtube Channel Cover Art
  • 6 Youtube Video Thumbnails
  • 6 Podcast Thumbnails
  • 6 Square Audiowave Episode Promos
  • 6 IG Story Audiowave Episde Promos
  • 7 Product mockups
  • 9 Cover Designs
  • Holiday gift guide template (5 total pages)
  • Media kit with monetization package template (4 pages)
  • Ebook template (8 pages)
  • 3 Styles of slide decks (13 total slides)
  • 20 Worksheets
  • 10 Pages of cut out card templates
  • 14 Lined Note Pages
  • 6 Chart templates
  • 4 Calendar templates
  • 4 Two-Page Calendar sets (8 total pages)
  • 6 Daily planning sheets
  • 9 Checklists
  • 4 Styles of Guide/Tutorial template (5 pages)
  • 6 Inspiration art templates
  • 10 Mobile Screen Art/Mobile Wallpapers
  • 8 Envelope Templates
  • 10 Foldable Card Templates
  • 7 Newsletter signatures
  • 6 Newsletter headers
  • 6 Newsletter square brand images

How The Complete Bloggers Template Toolkit Works

Once you purchase the toolkit you will have access to 450+ pages of done-for-you graphics that you can customize to match your site’s brand. 

If you haven’t already, you will first need to go to and create a free account. Keep yourself logged in, and head back over to the toolkit to start “designing.” 

As I mentioned earlier, each section is going to include a link that will take you directly to Canva where it will upload all the images for you. How easy is that?

Before you go too far, you will want to make sure you take a peek at Kara’s instructional video where she breaks down how to customize the templates. She mentions a few handy tips, like moving borders and overlays in order to put photos to the grid (you’ll understand fully when you watch the video and it only takes about 5 to 10 minutes to learn). 

Now that you have all that out the way–you can start designing your graphics from top to bottom.

If you’re a new Canva user and design illiterate–you can head over to Canva’s free tutorial library to get acquainted with the internet’s most easy to learn graphic design program. 

What’s to love about Kara Fidd’s The Complete Bloggers Template Toolkit?

Time is money right? You can literally say this toolkit pays for itself with the countless hours you’re going to save designing graphics for your website. These are valuable hours you can now delegate to curating content, building your email list, and working on those affiliate reviews. In other words–you can focus on tasks that are going to make you money. 

Another thing to love about DIY Design’s Canva templates is that from one template pack to another, you will find styles that match so that you can brand your graphics cohesively across all platforms. You can choose a blog post graphic that matches the style of your Facebook cover photo, and go in to customize the colors and fonts. 

Customizing each template to match your brand is super easy–just plug in the hex codes to your brand’s colors, swap out the fonts, and add your logo. If you’re a Canva Pro subscriber it will be especially easy since your brand’s assets are pre-saved. If you’re using the free version of Canva though don’t fret, it will only take you a few additional minutes to get it done. 

I also love that you don’t have to spend time pairing the right fonts– each template comes with two or three fonts that look great together and add visual interest.  

The cons of using the Complete Bloggers Template Toolkit

I’m not just here to tell you all the good stuff, and I can be super critical at times. I want to give you both the pros and the cons so that you can make sure you’re investing your money into something that’s going to work for you and your business.

This toolkit is not going to be perfect for everyone. If you’re exceptionally talented and prefer building your designs from scratch, you might find that these Canva templates are not that useful for you.

Also, it’s worth emphasizing that these templates only work with, so if you use Adobe products, you would not be able to transfer these templates into Photoshop or Illustrator. 

Who can use The Complete Bloggers Toolkit?

This toolkit can work for virtual newbies or the design savvy alike–it all depends on your design needs at the end of the day. 

It’s also worth mentioning that this toolkit not only works for bloggers, but for a variety of virtual entrepreneurs. Whether you’re a virtual assistant, freelance writer, or Pinterest manager–there’s a number of templates in this pack that can help ease the to-do list for your business. 

Lastly, this toolkit brings templates that you will not find in the Canva template library–such as the list building and monetization graphics. These are templates you can use to create incentives to build up your list of email subscribers. You can use them to create digital products like ebooks, calendars, and other printables to also sell on your blog.

I can’t forget to mention  that there’s a media kit too–a four page template that highlights all the stats on your blog. If your blog is new, you may not have enough to fill the pages but you can adjust as needed, and as your blog grows make changes to it. This kit has everything you need to make you look like a real star before potential sponsors!

I think this toolkit is worth buying for this pack of templates alone because the digital products and media kit are what’s going to help you make money from your blog.

My final thoughts on How To Make Your Blog Look Professional With The Complete Bloggers Template Toolkit

It needs a new name. It’s not just for bloggers. It’s great for anyone with an online business that wants to save time on graphic design.

If you’re hesitating on this toolkit because you think your web graphics will look like everybody else’s–think again. Testing the toolkit out for myself, I concluded you can use these templates as a foundation, and with a couple of clicks it can look like a whole new graphic. 

This toolkit really does deliver value, and if you’re looking to save time it’s definitely going to help you do that. Check out the sales page for the toolkit here.

Hello there! I’m Jill, thanks for visiting my blog. I help women create work-life flexibility and financial stability by building a profitable online business they love.  Feel free to send me a message and let me know how I can help YOU!