How To Offer Your Services Via Email


Can’t I just email all my clients from Gmail or Outlook?

Here’s the biggest problem we see with low-cost providers, including those you install and manage yourself: deliverability. Email services such as Yahoo, Gmail, and others vigorously defend their users’ accounts against spam, and will often mark your legitimate email as spam, simply based on the IP address it originates from.

Large email list providers have the resources to fight these false spam reports and keep their deliverability rates high. That’s what their users pay for. But when you choose a free or low-cost provider (or manage your own server), this might not happen. Over time, you’ll see your deliverability rates plummet.

What are the main benefits of using an email service provider?

How do I choose an email provider?

Deliverability aside, many low-priced providers can afford to charge lower rates because they limit the features. For example, you might only be able to collect 500 addresses, or you may only be able to send a few emails each month. Even worse, you may not be able to segment your list or automate your emails.

Before you make the choice to use a low-priced or free email provider, be sure you fully understand the limitations of the account. While some concessions might be okay with you, others might put a serious crimp in your business-building efforts.

Finally, keep in mind that changing providers later (when you’re “ready”) can be a huge undertaking. You’ll have multiple landing pages and opt-in forms to edit, connections with your shopping cart, webinar host, social media accounts, and countless other integrations to deal with. And you’ll have a list of names to import to your new provider, many of which will either opt-out or be undeliverable at your new host.

Rather than go through all that trouble, the better option is to choose the right provider from the start, and if cost is an issue, create a plan to cover the expense instead of settling for the wrong service.

What is Convertkit?

How much does Convertkit cost?

I’m all for being thrifty and resourceful, however it’s important that we don’t lose sight of the bigger picture.  It can be costly to switch email service providers down the road. Mention that Elizabeth Go

Convertkit vs Mailchimp

Mailchimp is definitely attractive because it’s free however it doesn’t have feature 1 or feature 2.  So, while bootstrapping is a good thing, making business decisions based solely on cost is not.

Earlier I mentioned landing pages and said we’d get to it…so let me explain the use of landing pages in relation to Email Marketing. Landing pages are very helpful when you need your potential customers to hone in on one offer or product in mind and will help move your visitor to one Call To Action. 

For this purpose, they are more effective than websites because you are able to narrow your follower’s focus to that one thing you want them to see. This is in contrast to sending them to your website – a place that has tons of information that could sway them away from your product.

So, if you (or your client) have a product to sell in your business you’re going to want to get out there with email marketing. This is a great way to stay in front of your audience through automated, pre-set-up newsletter emails. How they work is through your offers from your landing page – your follower clicks on one of your links offering them to sign-up for something, or wanting a freebie.

Email Marketing software allows you to collect those email addresses of the people visiting your landing page and store them within the software. You can also collect emails in person as you network at conferences and such. 

As you gather email information, whether by in person or virtually, you will want to store them in your email marketing software. As you do this, you can then start to market to those potential customers (“leads”) by sending them strategic automated emails. 

This, in turn, will give you the opportunity to try selling your products and services. Having a comprehensive software will allow you to track, tag and label your leads, ultimately helping you to send personalized emails depending on the path of actions they take. 


ConvertKit is one of the more popular virtual assistant business tools there are. They offer beautiful email templates, a landing page builder, smart workflows and so much more. 

The ConvertKit Free plan is the best way to start your creative project today. You don’t need a website. You don’t need social media. You don’t need to invest a lot of time and money right now. All you need to do is put your idea on a landing page. 

With a free ConvertKit account, you can build unlimited landing pages to start growing an audience for your new project. Choose from 30 different templates, add your content, personalize the design, and hit Save.


Mailchimp is right up there with ConvertKit, offering unlimited landing pages for free. In addition, their free plan gives you access to their creative assistant, website builder, a mailchimp domain, forms, and landing pages. 

They also offer help with getting started with email marketing including email setup helps, simple 1-step automations and a subject liner tool.

You can get more with their Essentials plan starting at $9.99/month. But their Free Plan is definitely a great place to start. 

If you’re just starting your blog or online business, then you are probably aware that one of the first things you want to do is build your email list. Your email list is extremely valuable, and you want to take very good care of it.

But first, you need to build it. And that takes consistent action, valuable content aimed at a particular group of people – or niche, and a compelling reason for people to join your list (your opt-in offers).

There are some creative things you can do to jumpstart your list-building efforts besides the typical regular blog post. Here are 10 ideas to help you get your list-building juices flowing.

1. Lead Magnets

Offering a lead magnet with every blog post is a great way to build your list. It requires a little extra work, but the payoff will be huge if your lead magnets are valuable to your readers.

A lead magnet is a giveaway that your readers will have to opt-in to your email list for in order to receive. It can be a checklist, printable, report, recipe or eBook.

2. Free Webinar

Offer a free webinar on a hot topic that your ideal audience would be interested in. Use Facebook and other social media to promote (make sure people opt-in to get access!). If you have some budget, run Facebook ads to drive traffic to your webinar opt-in page.

A free webinar can really grow your list if you partner with someone who has bigger reach than you currently have. Get creative. Who could you partner with to do a training on your topic?

3. Joint giveaway

A joint giveaway is great if you can partner with several other businesses or blogs who have a bigger, yet similar audience. Each business offers a free product or service as part of the giveaway “package”. With each of you promoting the giveaway on social media, you’ll gain more exposure to more of your potential tribe members.

4. Guest posting

Yes, guest posting is still a good idea, but only if you find blogs with lots of relevant traffic. Make sure you can include a link back to your site (preferably a special offer on an opt-in page).

5. Expert interviews

Step into your expert status by finding influential people to interview you on their blogs or podcastMake sure their audience is your ideal audience.

6. Conduct a 30-day challenge

Have people opt-in to a 30 (or 10 or 14 or 20) day challenge on a topic that fits your audience. What does your audience want to achieve in a short timeframe? Guide them through making it happen and watch your tribe grow. Make sure they opt-in to join the challenge and encourage sharing the challenge on social media.

7. Be a contributing writer

Offer up custom articles to larger media sites or blogs that have authority. Include a link to your opt-in page in your author bio (if allowed). Write something awesome.

8. Comment on other high-traffic blogs

Be part of the conversation happening on other, relevant, yet high traffic, blogs. Always use your website when registering to make a comment on a blog, and only comment if you can offer something of value to the conversation.

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