How To Start A Web Design Business With No Experience


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Are you a mom that has always wanted to start your own home business? Do you want to start working from home, but are unsure of what type of business venture would be the best for you and your family? If so, then WordPress web design may be the perfect option.

This blog post will discuss why this is a great opportunity for moms who want to start their own business while staying at home with their kids. It will also cover how to start a WordPress web design business in depth by walking through all of the steps needed to get started and highlighting some important things that should be considered before taking any action.

How do I learn Web design for WordPress?

Does WordPress require coding?

I can’t stress enough how easily you could get started designing beautiful websites without knowing anything about coding. Seriously.

If you had the Kadence membership, and you had all of their free themes at your disposal, you could probably create the website in 5 to 7 hours. Picking the right template as your foundation is the key to working smarter not harder.

How much does it cost to start a Web-design business?

As a website designer, you should buy the best computer and monitor that you can afford.

How much do beginner web designers make?

Why WordPress is better than Squarespace

WordPress is better because it’s open-source, meaning free and without restrictions.

WordPress developers make more money than Squarespace designers because it is open-source – you can create freely without restrictions and there are many plugins that can increase the functionality of a website.

Squarespace Web Designers will eventually run into customization limits.

Although Squarespace is a fantastic platform for small service-based solopreneurs, if you are serious about eventually making $3,000… $5,000…. even $10,000 per project, you will want to master WordPress.

Skyrocket Your Income With affiliate marketing for web developers

Affiliate marketing is an easy way to increase your income as a web designer. By being an affiliate for companies that sell products or services related to what you do, you can make additional money with no extra effort on your part.

What type of entrepreneur doesn’t want to find ways to make their income from good to great?

Perfect examples would be affiliate commissions from the purchase of a domain and hosting. You can research the affiliate programs like WP Engine, Go Daddy, or Siteground.

Stock photo websites offer a great way to increase your revenue with no extra time commitment on your part. They even have affiliate programs where you make money from each sale that comes from a visitor who clicked through one of your links and made a purchase. 

And finally, you could even recommend Fiverr if your client needs a logo.

WordPress Development and Maintenance Services: Your Key to Earning Recurring Revenue

When you offer services for website building in WordPress, I’d like to suggest to you a very lucrative option you should consider– WordPress Maintenance Plans. Ever heard of them? 80% of web design professionals offer these and are very beneficial to you and your client. That’s a win-win!

So what is a WordPress Maintenance Plan? It is a customizable service package to meet your clients’ specific needs for maintaining their WordPress website. Your clients could mix and match any services listed below to make it personal for them. 

  • Nightly backups
  • Content updates
  • Security Checks
  • WordPress support
  • Theme or plugin updates

Offering WordPress Maintenance Plans gives a major benefit to your clients – they don’t have to worry about updating their own site. How many small business owners really understand the monthly updates required for their website? Not very many that I know. 

When you sell this service, think of it as not just maintaining their website, but putting back irreplaceable time in their day.

After finishing your website design and turning it over to your clients, you could suggest a recurring monthly or even quarterly retainer. This means you’ll have consistent cash infusion into your business. You don’t have to look for new clients each month or book new projects. You will have long-term work with the same clients. 

A second perk, if you start your client on WordPress Maintenance Plans from the moment you hand over their new website, you’re going to avoid the “free work” your client may expect.

Without the maintenance plan in place, you are subject to things like being asked to get on a “quick call” with them for troubleshooting, which could easily turn into 2+ hours of “quick fixes” with no pay.

Or, better yet, a call from a previous client asking for help on a little update but instead, more changes are requested until, in the end, you realize you’re doing a complete redesign!

More importantly, you will build better relationships with your clients. The WordPress Maintenance Plans will keep you in frequent communication with your clients even after the initial site launches. This is important because consistency will help you earn their trust and with trust, comes referrals, and more clients for your business.

The Worst Part About Offering Web Design Services

The problem with design services is that they typically take months to complete. Website design jobs typically take months to complete because there’s a lot of detail in creating an attractive and functional website. A designer must research, gather content, establish navigation between multiple pages and sections, design graphics and organize everything for optimal viewing on all devices. This can be time-consuming. Designers also need input from the client at various stages to make sure the design is on target so changes don’t have to be made later on which would prolong the process.

Start Your Web Design Business Today

The myth of the “expert” web designer: If you’ve ever thought you can’t possibly charge “that much” for web design because you’re self-taught, you don’t have a portfolio or you think you don’t know enough yet… in this video, I’m gonna debunk the myth of the “expert” web designer!

increase their rates + streamline their processes and get better clients so they can create a profitable, sustainable, scalable web design business

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Hello there! I’m Jill, thanks for visiting my blog. I help women create work-life flexibility and financial stability by building a profitable online business they love.  Feel free to send me a message and let me know how I can help YOU!

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