How To Start A Wedding Planning Business With No Money


If you’re looking to start a business in the wedding industry, look no further! This guide will teach you everything you need to know so that you can start a wedding planning business, even if you have no money.

The wedding services industry is booming, and there’s plenty of room for new entrepreneurs, (even those who are starting with a small home-based business) to make their mark.

In this post, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about starting a wedding planning business, from planning and marketing to hiring staff and managing finances.

What is a wedding planner and what do they do?

A wedding planner is a professional who assists couples in the organization and coordination of their wedding. This typically includes tasks such as:

  • helping to choose a venue
  • creating an event budget
  • keeping all the vendors on the same page
  • organizing the ceremony and reception
  • creating a timeline
  • arranging food, flowers and decor
  • hiring a photographer and dj or band
  • coordinating transportation and accommodations

Even with websites like The Knot and Wedding Wire, a wedding planner is a great investment. These popular websites have great wedding planning tools, but they don’t provide the level of service or expertise that a local, live human being can.

A good wedding planner will work with the happy couple to create a customized plan that reflects their unique style. A wedding planner will make sure everything goes smoothly on the day of; they will handle all the details so that the bride, groom, and immediate family can relax and enjoy the blessings of the big day!

What skills and traits are necessary to be a successful wedding planner?

A good wedding planner will have experience in the event planning industry. They will also be able to provide expert advice on all aspects of wedding planning, from choosing the right flowers to booking the right band.

There are many character traits that can be helpful for wedding planners, but one of the most important is patience. Wedding planning can be a stressful and overwhelming process, so it’s crucial to be able to stay calm and collected under pressure.

Having good organizational skills and being detail-oriented is also key, as is being able to work well with other vendors and suppliers. Good people skills are a must, as you’ll be dealing with both clients and their families on a regular basis.

If you’re interested in becoming a wedding planner, make sure you have these essential qualities before taking the plunge!

Full-Service Wedding Planner vs Wedding Weekend Coordinator

When it comes to wedding planning, there are two main types of wedding planners: the full-service wedding planner and the wedding weekend coordinator. Which one is right for you?

Full-service wedding planners are, as the name suggests, full-service wedding planners. They are responsible for every aspect of the wedding planning process from start to finish. This includes everything from finding the perfect venue and booking vendors, to coordinating the wedding day itself.

Full-service wedding planners usually charge more than wedding weekend coordinators, but they also have more stress!

Wedding weekend coordinators, on the other hand, are only responsible for coordinating the wedding weekend itself. This usually includes everything from booking hotel rooms for out-of-town guests, organizing transportation from the airport to the hotel, booking a venue for the day-after brunch, and making sure the weekend runs smoothly.

Wedding weekend coordinators charge less than full-service wedding planners.

So, which one is right for you? It really depends on how much time you have to spend on your business. If you want to handle everything from start to finish, then a full-service wedding planner is the way to go.

Part-Time Wedding Planner Assistant

Want to get into the wedding planning business but you don’t know for sure that it’s the right business for you?  Don’t worry, you could start your journey as a part-time wedding planner assistant.

Local venues like hotels, golf resorts, and country clubs are always looking for part-time employees to help with wedding events.

You can find these jobs by searching on job boards such as, Zip Recruiter, or calling the wedding venues directly.

Some venues will add you as an employee, while others will consider you a self-employed independent contractor.

How much money can you make as a wedding planner?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question since income for wedding planners can vary greatly depending on a number of factors:

  • including the location of the event
  • the budget and size of the wedding
  • the scope of services they offer
  • the number of weddings they take on in a year
  • the planner’s own experience and expertise

However, as a general guideline, wedding planners typically charge 10% of the total wedding budget. So, if a couple is planning a $20,000 wedding, the planner can expect to make $2,000 from that event.

If you are planning to launch a small home business as a wedding planner, while maintaining work-life flexibility, then a great goal would be to earn $20,000 to $40,000 annually.

Ultimately, how much money you can make as a wedding planner depends on how well you market yourself and your services, as well as your ability to deliver each client an exceptional experience.

For more information on how much a wedding planner will charge the happy couple, read this informative article on The Knot.

How to market your wedding planning business?

There are a number of ways to market your small wedding planning business. One of the most effective methods is through social media.

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer great opportunities to reach potential clients. You can create profiles for your business and post updates about your services. Additionally, you can share photos and videos of recent weddings that you have planned.

Another great way to market your business is through online directories. There are a number of websites that allow users to search for wedding planners in their area. You can list your business on these websites and provide information about your services. Call your local chamber of commerce for help in this area.

One great way to market your small wedding planning business is through local churches. Many churches have bulletin boards or newsletters where you can post information about your services. Additionally, church members may be more likely to recommend your services to their friends and family.

Another great marketing strategy is word-of-mouth marketing. When you provide excellent service and exceed your clients’ expectations, they will be sure to tell their friends and family about your business. This type of marketing is free and extremely effective because it comes from personal recommendations.

What are the benefits of being a wedding planner?

There are a number of benefits to starting a small wedding planning business from home. First and foremost, you have the flexibility to be around for your kids when they get home from school. Most of your work will be on the weekends.

Second, you’ll be able to get started by taking on just a few wedding clients as you want. This is perfect for those who want to earn some extra income without making wedding planning their full-time job.

Lastly, wedding planning is a very emotionally rewarding profession. You’ll feel accomplished every day knowing that you’re making a difference in people’s lives through your work.

5 Tips To Become A Wedding Planner On A Shoestring Budget

You may have wedding planner dreams, but wedding planner realities are causing insomnia. The problem is that you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on starting your wedding planning business.  But it’s not impossible! Here are five tips to get started:

Step One: Discover Your Unique Value

A unique value proposition, or UVP, is a key marketing term that defines the benefit a company offers that is different from its competitors. When it comes to wedding planners, a UVP might be something like “We offer a free consultation to help you plan your perfect wedding” or “We specialize in weddings at (this popular local resort)” or “We only plan eco-friendly weddings”

Don’t be nervous about getting started! There are a number of unique value propositions for a new wedding planner. One is that you can offer a more personal and customized service than larger wedding planning companies.

Additionally, you can offer lower rates than many larger companies, which can be especially appealing to budget-conscious couples.

Lastly, you can offer additional services such as coordination of the rehearsal dinner or honeymoon planning. All of these factors can set your business apart from the competition and make it a more desirable option for couples getting married.

Step Two: Determine Your Services and Packages

Once you have determined your unique value, develop different packages that outline your services. Keep in mind that people will come in with different budgets and needs that you can tailor to with these packages.

Some couples may only need assistance with planning and coordination, while others may need help with budgeting, vendor selection, and day-of coordination.

New wedding planner packages often include a variety of services such as day-of coordination, partial coordination, or consultation services.

Planners may also offer a la carte services such as invitations, floral design, or transportation management. Many planners also offer an event design package that includes the overall vision and design for the event, as well as vendor recommendations and management.

Finally, most planners offer a full range of services that can cover everything from budget planning to creating a timeline.

The most important thing is to tailor the package to fit the needs of the customer.

Step Three: Find and Choose Trusted Vendors

Every wedding planning business needs a proper network of other businesses to make their customers’ day successful. This includes a bakery for the wedding cake, a flower shop for fresh flowers, and a dress shop to ensure the bride and bridesmaids have the appropriate attire for the big day.

Step Four: Develop A Website

Finally, you will want to create a beautiful website that fully advertises your skills and services within the wedding industry.

Think of your website as a store full of your best resources and information to benefit your target audience.

A wedding planner needs a website that is informative, organized, and visually appealing. The website should be easy to navigate and include all of the necessary information that potential clients would need to know. This includes an About page, a portfolio of past weddings, testimonials, a list of services, and contact information. A well-designed website is essential for any wedding planner looking to attract new clients.

As you think about your Wedding Planner website, here are some sample headlines that you can use for inspiration:

  • We’ll help you plan a wedding to remember
  • The best way to keep your planning on track
  • Wedding Planner that makes sure everything is in order
  • Get started with our free consultation!
  • A Perfect Day Starts Here
  • Let’s Make Your Dream Wedding Come True
  • Let me help you plan the wedding of your dreams

Start Your Wedding Planner Business Today

Following these simple steps will get you started on the right track to running a profitable and successful wedding planning business. Remember, a successful wedding planner requires great organizational skills, creativity, and focus on getting the work done correctly and profitability.

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