How To Start A Business While Working Full Time


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Are you looking for a way to start your own business while still working full-time?

Starting a home business is very exciting, but it can also be risky. One way to reduce the risk is to start working on your company while you are still employed with a full-time job. This will help you feel confident about what you are doing and will give you time to figure out if your idea will work before losing your paycheck.

In this blog post, we’ll go over some simple tips that can help make starting a business possible even when there isn’t much free time in the day!

Working Full time and Running A Business 

Starting your own home business can be overwhelming. Especially if you are juggling a long commute, family obligations, and a full-time job.

If you only have five to ten hours a week, its crucial to make sure you’re doing the right things, but where do you start?

Create A Plan

Start by setting up a three-month plan of action that outlines what needs to be accomplished each week and month.

If you’re starting a service-based business, try starting with something simple like

  • find 3 clients
  • brush up on skills
  • create a package and pricing schedule
  • spread the word about my business on Facebook or LinkedIn

By the way, you might want to check out the blog post filled with ideas on finding clients for your business here.

If you’re starting an e-commerce business, a simple three-month action plan could be:

  • Research successful Etsy shops with micro-niches
  • Setting up an Etsy account
  • Create and start selling 10 digital products
  • Learn how Etsy’s SEO & algorithm works

Warning! If you’re juggling a day job and a business startup, the time crunch can be brutal. Using your productivity ninja skills, you must plan carefully to make time for both work and family. If you want to have any time for non-essential activities, be sure to plan ahead.

With a day job and a side gig, it is easy for responsibilities and obligations to pile up on your plate which leaves no room in the schedule.

In addition to creating a plan to launch your business, create a target list of all the personal tasks you need to reduce or eliminate so there is more time allocated towards making progress on business goals.  

If you have an extra few minutes, check out the blog post on setting up a stress-free home business schedule.

Save Money Before You Quit Your Job

Do not quit your job to start a business. If your goal is to create a consistent income of at least $3k – $5k per month, you will need to give yourself time to grow. 

Treat your business as a serious part-time job for at least six months. If you are treating your business as a part-time job then you should be earning some cash!

But if you’re serious about quitting your job then you will need to discipline yourself and save some money. It may not be easy at first but try saving at least 3 to 6 months of living expenses.

Also, as a new business owner, you will need to save at least 3 to 6 months of your business operating costs. 

As the boss, it is up to you to make sure that there will always be enough funds when an emergency pops up.

Live Your Values

It’s not ethical to use your employer’s time to work on your dream life. You are being paid to do a job.

Sitting at your desk and surfing the internet to research your next blog post? Not cool.

Pretending to be on a zoom call with your company’s client when in reality it’s a client for your personal side hustle? Not cool.

Taking a long lunch break while you run errands and pick up supplies for the knick-knacks you sell on Etsy? Not cool.

Live your values. Remember your testimony. I’m sure the Proverbs 31 woman would agree.

Pick the Right Business Model

My work-life balance adventure started with me taking Abbey Ashley’s Savvy System. I love Abbey’s course because it is a step-by-step plan to start working as a Virtual Assistant.

The problem was that my full-time day job was just too stressful. I couldn’t successfully find a way to serve clients and fulfill my daily responsibilities at work.

Part of the reason is that I refuse to work weekends. I go tech-free and treat Saturdays and Sundays as strictly home and family time.

Blogging and affiliate marketing fit my lifestyle better than Virtual Assistant work.

You will have to pick the business model that works best for you. And don’t be afraid to pivot if it’s not working out. I’m so glad I was able to encourage myself, and enroll in Suzie Whitford’s Blog By Number Course, and not give up!

Remember your why

The whole “remember your why” mantra is a cliche and seems a bit woo-woo to me. But when you’re feeling overwhelmed it’s important to remember to keep the bigger picture in mind.

Is your goal to create financial stability and work-life flexibility? These are things worth striving towards when you feel exhausted and stuck in the messy middle.

Find a mentor, coach, or advisor to help you. A good mentor will be there for you when you are losing your motivation, overwhelmed with the tech, or suffering from a bad case of imposter syndrome.

To find a good coach, find someone who has already been where you want to go. The best coach will shorten your learning curve by generously sharing their own experiences. 

Give yourself permission to try

Too often, we hold ourselves back by staying in our comfort zone. Or, we are embarrassed by what other people will think. The reality is that it’s OK to not know what you’re doing. You can always figure out the next steps along the way. Just get started!

I love to remember that God gave me the passion to stay home. I’m designed to want work-life balance. I’m created to help my husband and nurture my family. That’s a good thing. Any goal that helps me live my best life is worth praying for and worth fighting for!

Can you start a business while working full-time?

Working full-time and taking care of your family can make it seem impossible to start a successful home business.

That said, it is possible!

Start small and taking things slow. But be consistent.

To help make this process easier for you, we created a workbook called
The Employee to Entrepreneur Guide, which goes over some tips on how
to get started with success in mind.

You can download the guide and have your business launched in less than a week.

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