The Best Virtual Assistant Training Courses for Women Who Want to Work from Home


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If you’re a woman who wants to work from home, becoming a virtual assistant is a great option! You don’t need a degree to be a virtual assistant, but you do need to take a course to learn specific skills that you can offer your clients. One of the best things about being a virtual assistant is that there are many different training courses available online.

In this blog post, you learn all about the best virtual assistant training courses for women who want to work from home!

What degree do you need to be a Virtual Assistant?

Before we dive into the courses, let’s start with the proverbial elephant in the room. Pretty much everyone experiences fear, self-doubt, and worry when they’re thinking about starting a home business. One of the most anxiety-producing thoughts is “I don’t have a degree.” Listen here, cause I’m saying this loud and clear:

There is no minimum educational requirement to become a Virtual Assistant. And a college degree will not give you a leg up when seeking clients for your VA Business. As Gina Horkey says, the stone-cold truth is that “skills trump education“.

Esther Inman, the course creator behind the 90 Day VA program states:

“We have many students that do not have a college degree that have seen success after this training program. When it comes to online work, online businesses value training and your work ethic way more than official certifications or graduate degrees.”

Esther Inman

Taking one of the Virtual Assistant training courses on this list is a sure-fire way to acquire in-demand skills, challenge your limiting beliefs and push past imposter syndrome. You got this!

Best Virtual Assistant Courses

Here’s a collection of Virtual Assistant training courses that you can check out now or bookmark for later. I know that one of these courses will help get you where you wanna go fast – whatever that looks like for you. That might mean you’re ready to:

Ready? Set? Let’s go!

The Virtual Savvy – Savvy System

Free Trial:
Best Pro:
Biggest Con:

The Savvy System is the grandmaster, step-by-step, everything but the kitchen sink course. If you have a desire to be an ENTREPRENEUR, but you are kind of nervous, scared, and experiencing all the feels… well this course is for you.

To be truthful – I’ve included The Savvy System first on the list because I’ve got major love for Abbey Ashley and her team. The Savvy System is how I got my start in the online business world and I’ll forever be grateful. I’ve got a detailed Savvy System course review that you can read here.

Abbey is the Virtual Savvy and she has built a solid team of approximately 7 to 9 employees. What does that mean for you? Simple – plenty of support!

The System has a detailed curriculum, with the look and feel of a college course. The training modules have a clear objective or end goal for students to achieve.

Students get fast answers to their questions, 1:1 hot seat coaching sessions every other week, personal feedback on your client proposals, accountability calls, etc. It’s everything you would want in a Virtual Assistant course and training program.

Price: When I took the course it was $997 full price or a monthly payment plan of $97 per month. On the surface, this is an insane amount of money to spend on an online course. And I think they actually raised the price to $1,200… which kind of annoys me because middle-class families are already suffering under staggering inflation.

But, here’s the deal. You are getting a proven system and LIFE-TIME access to all the training and support you could ever need. And how cool is it to say “I built a profitable, successful business with only a $1200 investment”. That’s just really hard to do in 2022.

In comparison to other courses on this list, I believe The Savvy System is best for the woman who has a burning desire to be the CEO of her own six-figure business. This is the best course if you hope to steer your solopreneur ship into a full-on VA Agency with 2 or 3 employees.

Most Virtual Assistants want work-life flexibility. They are happy to work 20 to 25 hours per week and earn 3k to 4k per month.

But, with Abbey’s course and mentorship, it’s possible to hire a team of subcontractors to work for you and advertise yourself as an agency. That’s the best way to scale up to consistent $7k to $10k months or more.


90 Day VA With Esther Inman

Free Trial:
Best Pro:
Biggest Con:

I think Abbey Ashley is absolutely my girl for teaching her students to think like a six-figure Entrepreneur, however, I get that it’s not a goal shared by everyone trying to build a home business.

I also realize that not everyone is as crazy as I am to spend $997 for an online course. Thankfully, that’s why I highly recommend Esther Inman and the 90 Day VA course.

If you know that your VA business is going to be more of a part-time hustle, then you should strongly consider Esther’s 90 Day VA course.

In my opinion, it’s the difference between getting a Bachelors’s Degree from an Ivy League University (Abbey’s Savvy System) or attending a trade school and learning specific, niched-down skills that you can apply immediately (Esther’s 90 Day VA).

90 Day VA: What’s included?

  • Lifetime, 24/7 access to skills training online course that covers the most in-demand online skills for VAs: social media management, content repurposing, project management, email management, PR, podcast & video management, etc.
  • 6 Months’ access to the VAI Members Club, which includes:
    • 4 Monthly Live Q&A calls with Esther and her Team
    • Private Facebook group community where members support each other, hold each other accountable and can share homework assignments
    • 40-60 remote jobs per month sourced online and from Esther’s network
    • Monthly Unapologetically Ambitious Blueprint with all the virtual  industry updates and links to awesome resources
  • Bonus: the VA Starter Pack includes everything a VA needs to launch including contract templates, portfolio and media kit samples and templates, getting hired tips, etc..

Price: The pricing structure for this course is flexible. At this time enrollment costs:

  • One-time payment: $497
  • Military discount: $449
  • Payment plan: $197/m for 3 months total
  • Payment plan: $65/m for 12 months total
  • Esther’s Free Training Webinar

Transformation Academy

Free Trial:
Best Pro:
Biggest Con:

Transformation Academy has nearly 80 individual courses and certification programs.

Use this link when shopping on Transformation Academy and you will receive 50% off your entire order! (Discount applied at cart/checkout page.)

Free Virtual Assistant training with Certificate

If those full course prices blow you away, don’t fret because there are more affordable ways to build your skills. LinkedIn Learning and Fiverr Courses won’t teach you how to start your Virtual Assistant business. BUT they will teach you the skills so you can start offering services to clients. 


Let’s start with LinkedIn Learning because they have a 1-month FREE TRIAL. You will get full access to all of their courses (16,000+) for free! If you have the time, take advantage of this free trial period and press into learning all that you can so you can get started working for your clients right away. 

LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to grow your skills, learn from “real-world professionals”, allows you to switch between your computer and phone (optimizing your time), tailored course recommendations just for you, and plenty of practice while you learn with the use of project files and quizzes. 

If you’re anything like me, learning is addicting. After the free month is over, their subscription is very affordable at $24.99 per month and an annual payment option with a 20% discount. With LinkedIn Learning, you don’t have to pay for each course. Your subscription gains you access to their full content library. 

Here is a small list of some of their video-based course topics:

  • Graphic Design 
  • SEO
  • Online Business Manager
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Podcast Editor
  • WebDesign and Development
  • Video Editor

The opportunities are endless, really. When you complete your course, you will walk away with great skills to offer and you will have a LinkedIn Learning Certificate to add to your LinkedIn profile. 


Another great option is Learn From Fiverr. With Fiverr, you will walk away from their courses with amazing skills you can offer and will be able to advertise your new skills on UpWork or Skillshare to find VA clients. Unlike LinkedIn Learning, Fiverr charges per course. This is great because you could walk away with a skillset for as low as $23 (or more, depending on what skill and how many courses you need to take). 

Fiverr promises to offer practical skills, learning from “industry experts”, and no subscription fees so you know exactly how much you will be spending. 

Right away, you can see on their website the main topics they cover:

  • Marketing (email, Facebook ads, social media, SEO)
  • Graphic Design (how-tos and working with software like Adobe Photoshop)
  • Website (build websites, build with WordPress, landing pages)
  • Writing (copywriting, social media content strategy)
  • Business (getting started, entrepreneurship fundamentals)
  • Video & Photography (video production essentials, photography essentials)

You could even allow LinkedIn Learning and Learn From Fiverr to work together to your advantage. Especially if you’re not sure what you want to do, try out LinkedIn’s free month and dabble around in their courses. Once you land on what you really want to do, you can either subscribe or you can pay for a course or two at Fiverr. 

Although LinkedIn and Fiverr are not Virtual Assistant Training Courses, sometimes a tight budget calls for some creativity. On the bright side of things, you’ll gain some skills, work for clients, make money and you can circle back to a mega course like Abbey Ashley’s Savvy System when you are ready to uplevel to an agency and have subcontractors working for your business.  

Train To Be A Virtual Assistant

I hope you were enlightened by the many options that are out there for you to choose from. I want you to be successful and start your business while also living within your family budget. All the options available can sometimes cause analysis-paralysis so, hopefully, this post has lessened some of the overwhelm for you. Take action today!

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