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Virtual Assistants wear many different hats. Wife.  Mom.  Sister. Friend. And small business owner.  Chief cook and bottle-washer. The list is endless. As a small business owner, the majority of biz time is spent providing client services.  And of course, this means there is little time left to focus on improving skills, adding a passive income product, bookkeeping, and sooo much more!  It’s easy to feel like you’re just treading water and not really making progress with your goals! 

So, where does that leave launching a website for your business?

If launching a website for your Virtual Assistant business is still on your to-do list, there’s good news!  You can create an insanely good website in just a few hours with the right WordPress template. 

Why Do I Need A Virtual Assistant Website?

I promise not to fluff you up with stories about how you must have a website to launch your Virtual Assistant business.  Not true!  You can definitely quickly launch your biz with a Facebook Business Page or LinkedIn page.  

But it’s always important to remember that you don’t own Facebook or LinkedIn… as a serious business owner, you should always build your own home base – the place that you can control. WordPress is the best option for that!

A website will increase your professional image.  It will help you be seen as an “authority”. Rather than being seen as a freelancer, you will be seen as the legit person who is serious about offering high-quality business-to-business services. 

When you are seen as a freelancer, then it’s hard to break away from the gigs that only pay $10 – 20/hr USD.  You want high-quality clients that can afford to pay at least $30 per hour. You want monthly retainers for 15, 20, or 30 hours per month.  

Or even better, you want to break away from hourly billing and offer high-end flat rate packages and VIP days or weeks. Your website could be a game-changer.

Whether you call yourself a VA, Social Media Manager, SEO Consultant, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Copywriter, Bookkeeper, or any other online service-based entrepreneur, the time you invest in finally getting a website launched is well worth it. Picking the best website template help you get this done.  

Best Advice for Picking Your Virtual Assistant Website Template

If you want a site that looks custom-made without the custom price tag, then you need the right website template.  A template that doesn’t require fancy design skills or coding knowledge. The template that’s just the right mix of professional and gorgeous. But above all, easy to install and tweak. But with all the choices available, how do you narrow down the selection?

The best advice I ever received for picking a website template came from my hilarious and uber-talented designer friend Amanda.  She said the best way to determine whether this theme is a good fit (if you’re not going to do many changes) is to imagine your content in the theme:

  • What would you put where there are advertisement spaces now? 
  • What categories are you going to have? 
  • What’s going to go where the logo slider is now? 
  • Do you have an Instagram feed, and if not, what are you going to do with that section? 
  • What are you going to put in the sidebar where there is content now? 
  • What about the footer section – that large picture, and the content that’s in the footer? 

If you have content for these places, I would outline what it will be. If you don’t have content or aren’t going to include it, what will the site really look like once these areas are stripped? While this is clean looking and beautiful, it does seem huge (especially to start out) and will need a lot of content. But if you can handle putting out that much content and can envision what your content will look like in those spaces, then I say go for it. 

This just gives you some idea of how to look at it when one goes theme shopping. It’s a lot like going dress shopping. They pick the most perfect model to try on a dress that is most likely tailored to her. But is it going to look the same when you don’t have her shoes, her jewelry, her hair cut/color, and maybe add in a bulge here and there?!?

Taking Amanda’s advice one step further – As a service provider, the right WordPress Theme for your business will do more than make your website look pretty.  It will tell visitors what you are about.  You want to make sure that all visitors are able to tell in less than 30 seconds the services you offer.  

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Your WordPress Virtual Assistant Website Template

Ok. If you’re still reading this post, then I’m high-fiving you for committing to getting your website done. You are taking this seriously. So now, let’s review the 5 questions you should ask yourself before you purchase a theme.

1 – Does the WordPress theme seller have a good reputation for providing technical support?

No matter what theme you buy, you will eventually need technical support. That’s just the way it goes. This is one of the reasons it pays to purchase a premium WordPress theme. Many free (or inexpensive) WordPress themes will not have a good support option.

2 – Is this a Genesis Framework Child Theme?

The concept of a “child theme” can be a little bit confusing.

A child theme is one that takes the functions from the main “parent” theme and then allows you to make your own style separate from the parent. (Sounds a little rebellious to me!) Unfortunately, this is a one-time purchase of $59 but you can use it on as many sites as you like. It also includes lifetime updates.

3 – Does the theme install easily?

The fastest and easiest way to get your theme installed and looking like the demo website is to pick a theme that was developed using the One-Click Demo Install feature. With the click of a button, the theme will be installed along with all of the plugins recommend and the demo content. Your website could look exactly like the demo site in just a few minutes.

4 – How does this theme look on different devices?

Before buying a theme you want to confirm that the theme is mobile responsive. It should look good on a variety of devices – phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer. And always try to take a look at the theme using different search engines- Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Duck Duck Go.

5 – How does this theme look on different web browsers?

This is similar to the last question. Check out the theme on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari, Duck Duck Go, and Firefox. You want to create a good user experience for all your website visitors.

Best WordPress Themes For Virtual Assistants

Since it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the technical details around building a website, we are only recommending WordPress themes that come from four companies that offer plenty of support:

  • Step-by-step setup documentation
  • The ability to add a support ticket for help
  • And as a bonus, a private FB community for users with their themes

The winning companies are:

Restored 316
17th Avenue Designs
StudioPress/Anchored Design

Bottom line: Do not let the tech intimidate you! 

ChicServe Theme By BluChic

The ChicServe Theme is built for service-based female entrepreneurs looking to uplevel their brand. It pairs with the easy-to-use Elementor page builder, so you can fully customize it to 100% match your brand. If you’re a newbie or tech isn’t really your thing–you’ll love Elementor’s drag-and-drop capability which makes it quick and easy to customize a template and make it look your own in no-time.

Aside from the 9-page templates, sleek and feminine design, and done-for-you opt-in form, this theme offers a bunch load of awesome features for a decent price point ($129). Not only will prospects be wow’d by your site, but you’ll save tons of moolah not splurging on a web designer.

Check out the ChicServe Theme website demo here.

ChicBoss Theme By BluChic

The ChicBoss theme is designed to help you book dream clients faster and also create passive income from your digital products — because you deserve a site that works for you and not the other way around. 

With the easy-to-use Elementor drag-and-drop page builder, you get total control of your website design, even if you never coded a day in your life! 

Your website can look exactly like the demo site in just a few hours. Plus, it’s super easy to change the fonts, colors, and images to match your branding and make this theme your very own. Our favorite bonus – it includes 10 stock photos!

This is definitely the theme that will make you look like an online superhero! Check out the ChicBoss Theme website demo here.

Beloved Theme By Restored 316

So many reasons to love Restored 316–their compelling brand values, affordable prices, and gorgeous designs really put them ahead of the competition.

Their Beloved Theme is one of the best choices for a VA website that will impress. Used with the highly-touted Genesis Framework, you will not be disappointed as it integrates all of the SEO, security, and performance features needed to help you run the best site.

The best part of all, when you shop with Restored 316 you get more than just a website template–you get amazing customer support too! Their promise: if you find yourself stuck and need help, their team is standing by to answer questions and help get your site running. Need we say more?

Check out the Beloved Theme website demo here.

Splendor Theme By Restored 316

We’ve mentioned why Restored 316 stands as one of the best template design companies. Can we gush for a moment about how much we love the versatility of their Splendor theme too?  It’s loaded with features specifically and strategically designed for bloggers, authors, creatives, and service providers!

With the Splendor WordPress Theme, you also score a free Canva collage template that will help add some personality to your About page. Simply open the free version of Canva, swap out images, and replace text! Easy as pie!

Check out the Splendor Theme website demo here.

Less is more! Audrey, by 17th Avenue Designs

So you’re looking for a feminine, modern, and fully customizable WordPress theme built just for entrepreneurs. In comes the Audrey theme by 17th Avenue Designs.

Audrey is designed to beautifully serve online shops, service-based businesses, and course creators–so it’s the perfect choice if you’re looking to up your revenue with some digital products. It features a gorgeous customizable homepage and the most advanced Theme Customizer yet, so you can truly make Audrey your own!

Check out the Audrey Theme website demo here.

Coaching Plus Theme By Anchored Designs

Coaching Plus by Anchored Designs is sold by StudioPress. This is an excellent choice for experts in the coaching or training business. It’s also an excellent choice for Virtual Assistants that are looking for built-in features that are very easy to customize.

Changing the font family/typography of the entire site with Google Font is very quick. There are several font options to choose from in the WordPress customizer. This makes it easy to change out the font sizes, headings and paragraph settings.

The “Work With Me” template page is solid gold. It comes with 8 sections that are easy to customize:

  1. Hero Section
  2. Info Section
  3. Education Details
  4. Testimonial Section
  5. Quick Section
  6. Call to Action Section
  7. More Info Sections
  8. (Another) Testimonial Section

Check out the Coaching Plus theme website demo here.

Authority Pro Theme By StudioPress

Authority Pro by StudioPress is the perfect theme to position yourself as the maestro of your niche. This theme helps you highlight your knowledge, years of experience, and clout all in one place. But hey, even if it’s still early in the journey it’s no worries! You can customize Authority Pro to your liking and use it to build your audience.

Please note: The one drawback of Authority Pro is the color customizer. You can only choose one primary color to be applied to link titles, menu links, post info links, buttons, etc.

The theme does include the option to change color settings in the Gutenburg individual blocks on each individual page. Meaning, you can’t easily change your colors site-wide. This shouldn’t be that annoying because as service providers, how often are you going to be adding and designing pages?

Authority Pro Theme

Check out the Authority Pro theme website demo here.

Which Virtual Assistant website template is the best one for you?

Mostly, the right theme is going to decrease the overwhelm and give you a framework for actually getting your website done. The workflow will be so much easier, simply because it predetermines many of the visual aspects –  background, colors, fonts, navigation bar, and the social media share buttons.  

This gives you the opportunity to stay focused on actually writing your copy and selling your services. So, stop spinning around in circles and get your website done today!

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