Working From Home With A Toddler: Common Sense Tips To Make It Work

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When you are running your own home business, there’s no commute time, you can pick the hours you work and you don’t have to worry about paying for expensive childcare. However, working from home with a toddler can be challenging!

We’re sharing some common-sense tips on how you can structure your workday so that you avoid frustration and burnout while still managing your responsibilities as a loving mom. Let’s get started…

It’s All About The Routine

Set up a routine for your toddler. Having a set daily routine for your child (breakfast, playtime, naptime, etc) will help your child feel more comfortable because they will always know what is coming next. It will also make you much less anxious.

Plan out discovery calls with potential new clients during specific hours when your child will be napping or when they’ll have their attention focused on something else.

Batch Your Work

Stay focused on batch-tasking during the uninterrupted hours you are able to work. It’s hard to keep your focus when you’re constantly switching between different tasks… or when you just can’t seem to find your groove. Make the most of your time by doing one type of work for a block of uninterrupted hours and then switch to something else.

Use Your Time Wisely

When you work from home with a toddler, you have to guard your time. It will take self-control and wisdom to avoid social media. Scrolling on Facebook and Instagram can be a huge waste of time. Try to be conscious of how much time you spend on these sites and work hard not to procrastinate.

“Just say No” To That Phone

Many people don’t realize the full extent that they feel distracted by their cell phones. When you have an hour to concentrate, turn off all notifications while you’re working. Better yet – put the phone in another room. You will be much more focused and productive.

Get Fresh Air

Don’t underestimate the benefits of going outside and taking a short break. Fresh air and a long walk will do wonders when you are feeling overwhelmed. It will also help if you remember your big picture “why”. Your little blessing will only be a toddler for a short time and there is plenty to enjoy!

Working From Home With A Toddler

Being a small business owner is a challenge. Being the mom of a toddler is a challenge. Did anything we discussed in the article resonate with you or provide new insight on how to juggle these two jobs successfully at once? Share below!”

How about sharing this with a friend?

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